Students of grade XI and XII  consider Physics – unfortunately though – the toughest subject in comparison to other science subjects. We feel the roots for the hatred for the subject -most of the times- get laid at school.

Dr. Ninad spends good amount of time in befriending the students with Physics.  And he does this with a missionary zeal. So, by the end of the course, the students who hate physics end up becoming – at least – neutral about their feelings for physics. Their hatred gets replaced with a belief that that Physics is definitely doable. Most of the students – if not all – in fact start loving Physics.

Dr. Ninad uses audio-visuals, props to clear the concepts and brings the students to a clean conceptual understanding of physical and natural sciences.

So do join us and enjoy the simplified learning process.

   Why Us?


Well! Simply because it’s the best choice

  • We stress on “Conceptual Learning”.
  • The faculty is highly qualified.
  • Besides creating interest in the subjects we also train you to succeed academically through our smart guidance.

Course Features


  • Highly Qualified and experienced faculty
  • Concentration on conceptual learning
  • Free atmosphere and Personal attention
  • Stress free learning process through audio visual aids and experiments
  • Complete segregation of HSC Board/CET/JEE-NEET batches because each level requires different approach.

About Me


Dr. Ninad Sheode

Ph.D. (Atmospheric Physics), Bremen, Germany

Ninad holds two masters degrees – M. Sc. (Physics) and M. Tech. (Atmospheric Physics) of University of Pune, India. He has also completed his Ph. D. (Atmospheric Physics) with magna cum laude from University of Bremen, Germany and was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.



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Manali Nayak (Class of 2018)


Sometimes, The only thing that stands between you and your most hated subject is the lack of a good teacher. I realized this had been the case with me and physics for several years only when I met Ninad ir. His unique style of teaching, which made difficult concepts seem easy, his patience when it came to answering my endless questions, and his constant encouragement suddenly made physics one of my best subjects. Today, i look up to Ninad sir not just as my favorite teacher, but also as a true mentor.

Pranav Thombare (Class of 2018)


LearnAc! A place where you learn….. Along with a fantastic physics teacher. Ninad sir is a brilliant soul and inspiration….. 
Here physics is taught and explained and not rote learned. The non-teaching staff is also very helpful and friendly. Thank you very much learnac for making 11th and 12th academic years so lovely and making physics so interesting and fun!!!

Gauri Kotiwale (Class of 2018)


Two years ago if you had asked me if I liked physics I would have blatantly laughed at your face. But if you ask me now I would say I love physics and this change wouldn’t have been possible without Ninad sir. At LearnAc I learnt that it is okay to not to know or make mistakes but it is not okay not to try. When I first met him I had said that I can’t do physics it’s too hard for me and he had smiled and replied it is hard. Ninad Sir is an Amazing educator and an amazing person and the staff working at LearnAc is delightful.

Ankita Shahane

Besides us you have really worked hard in order to make learning fun,interesting and the whole new experience you created via online platform was so cool that sometimes I used to forget that I was studying online😂that was personal thing…
Sir also thank you for entertaining my doubts and questions.
At the end thank you Sir for every single thing👍🏻👍🏻

About Physics



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Dr. Ninad Sheode: 09423035505

Mrs. Anuja Sheode: 09921945817

Mrs. Supriya Prabhune: 07775932255

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